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Video - European Forum Alpbach

Online discussion about "Water, Origin of Life" with ICC members Andreas Farnleitner and Regina Sommer. Supported by ecoplus. Niederösterreichs...


Forum Alpbach - "Water, Origin of Life"

At the Alpbach Technology Symposium 2020 one focus was on water and health. Andreas Farnleitner and Regina Sommer shared their expertise in the...[more]


Shanghai Ranking: Top Results for TU Wien

TU Wien receives top ratings for the subject area of water resources in the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy.[more]


ICC at European Forum Alpbach

On August 28th experts are discussion about "Water, Origin of Life". We are happy to be part of this online discussion with our ICC experts Andreas...[more]


Sílvia Cervero-Aragó awarded as "Researcher of the Month - July"

Every month, MedUni Vienna recognises a researcher for their outstanding performance. In July 2020 the jury has awarded the title to our ICC...[more]


ICC members at KL responsible for SARS-CoV-2 testing at University Hospital Krems

In preparation for surgeries at the University Hospital Krems, the Danube University Krems, supported by the Karl Landsteiner University of Health...[more]


PCR technique: How to determine viruses

Coronavirus can be detected by means of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This method is also used at the TU Wien. ICC member Rita Linke explains...[more]


High-tech for clean water

ICC co-founder Prof. Andreas Farnleitner now heads the "Quality and Hygiene" section of the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV).[more]


No coronavirus danger from drinking water or food

Some viruses can remain infectious in the environment for weeks, fortunately the Covid-19 pathogen is not one of them.[more]


Title „University Professor“ awarded to Alfred Paul Blaschke

Our leading member Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Alfred Paul Blaschke was awarded with the title "University Professor" by the President of...[more]


Doppelauszeichnung für Jungforscher des ICC

Wieder Doppelauszeichnung für Jungforscher des ICC Water & Health bei der Vergabe des wissenschaftlichen Förderpreises der Stadt Wien![more]


Silvia Cervero-Arago wins the Forum Water Hygiene Award!

The Forum Water Hygiene awards the Science Prize 2018/19 for our latest work on the relevance of VBNC (viable but nonculturable) Legionella, which...[more]


ICC Water & Health Foundation Symposium

20. May 2019, 15:00 in the Festsaal of the Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences[more]


Doppel-Auszeichnung für zwei ICC Water & Health Dissertantinnen!

Inge van Driezum und Christina Frick wurden für ihre Dissertationen im Zuge unseres Forschungsprojektes „Groundwater Resource Systems Vienna“ mit dem...[more]


Another scientific double success for the ICC Water & Health

Austrian Microbiology Award and Hygiene Award 2018[more]


Publication of two companion papers about Legionella in the top journal Water Research

As a result of a recent FWF project (PI: Alexander Kirschner) entitled "Relevance of viable but non-culturable legionellae", two...[more]


UV Team Austria received the Living Standards Award 2018

The interdisciplinary research cooperation "UV-Team Austria" of the Medical University of Vienna, the AIT and the Veterinary University of...[more]


Scientific Award of the Vienna Environmental Protection Department to René Mayer

Our employee René Mayer has been awarded the Scientific Advancement Prize 2017 of the Vienna Environmental Protection Department.[more]


WWTF funds new project

WWTF funds a project submitted by our post-doc Silvia Cervero-Aragó (MedUniWien) and her collaborators from the Medical University of Vienna and...[more]


Poster Award to Thomas Glassner at the HOW-DEAD-IS-DEAD?-2017 Conference

In the frame of the 5. HOW-DEAD-IS-DEAD? Conference that took place in Vienna from Sep 6-8, Thomas Glassner (working group Alexander Kirschner) was...[more]


2017 World Congress IUVA (International Ultraviolet Association)

September 17 – 20, 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia[more]


ICC Water & Health employee receives DOC fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Claudia Kolm was awarded a DOC fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) for her project "Selection and characterization of DNA aptamers...[more]


19. Internationales Symposium der IWA HRWM

Das 19. Internationale Symposium der IWA Health-Related Water Microbiology (HRWM) fand von 15. bis 20. Mai an der University of North Carolina at...[more]


Austrian Hygiene Award 2017 to Carina Pretzer

Within the frame of the 24th Dosch-Symposium on hospital hygiene, which takes place at Velden am Wörthersee from May 15 to 17, the Austrian Hygiene...[more]


QMRAcatch free model software online!

Thursday, October 13, Andreas Farnleitner (TUW/ICC) announced the release of QMRAcatch (2.1) at the World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016 in Brisbane[more]


Reinhard Liepolt Award to a member of the ICC Water & Health

Reinhard Liepolt Award for Danube Research 2016 awarded to a member of the ICC Water & Health[more]


New ICC Water & Health publication in the latest March issue of the top journal “Water Research”

In the latest March issue of the journal “Water Research” our article on the occurrence of human-associated genetic source tracking markers (GeBaM)...[more]


ICC Water & Health participating in the 2nd Viennese Ball of Sciences

On January 30, 2016, the mayor of Vienna invited to the 2nd Viennese Ball of Sciences in the Vienna Townhall. The ICC Water& Health was...[more]


Austrian Hygiene Award for Silvia Cervero-Aragó

Within the 23rd Dosch-Symposium for hospital hygiene, taking place from June 15 - 17, 2015 in Velden am Wörthersee, the Austrian Hygiene Award was...[more]

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