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Archaeon of the species Methanobrevibacter

Nature Microbiology: On the trail of the archaeal bacteria

Archaea colonize extreme habitats, including the digestive tract of vertebrates. The various...

River landscape

EGU General Assembly 2022

ICC Water & Health scientists and partners organize session of the next EGU General Assembly 2022...

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IWA HRWM Webinar Mini-Symposium on 3.12.2021

The Specialist Group HRWM (Health-Related Water Microbiology) of the IWA (International Water...

River Danube near Melk

PROMISCES project supports the development of a sustainable circular economy

ICC Water & Health researchers are working with a European consortium to remove pollutants from...

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ICC Water & Health Mission Statement

In all fields of life, the quality of water is of fundamental importance for human health. Intensive worldwide activities reflect this relevance in the areas of research and science.

To do justice to this significant role, Vienna University of Technology (TU) and the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni) established the Interuniversity Cooperation Centre Water & Health.

The ICC Water & Health
is a Cooporation of:

Technische Universität Wien
Medizinische Universität Wien
Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften