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Finished PhD-theses

Rupert Bliem: MedUni Vienna – Water Microbiology
Topic: Development of real-time PCR and molecular typing methods for quantification and differentiation of Vibrio cholerae strains in the environment and for laboratory studies

Claudia Kolm: TU Wien – Environmental Microbiology
Topic: Development of novel approaches for the molecular detection of health-relevant bacteria in water

Christina FRICK: TU Wienn – Environmental Microbiology/Institut für Umweltmedizin (MA39)
Topic: Applicability of Escherichia coli and enterococci as faecal indicators in a temperate alluvial backwater and large river system

Roland MARTZY: TU Wien – Environmental Microbiology
Topic: Development of rapid on-site applicable methods for the detection of fecal pollution in water

Inge VAN DRIEZUM: TU Wien – Hydrology
Topic: Sources and transport of contaminants in a riverbank filtration system

Barbara SCHRAMMEL: MedUni Vienna – Water Hygiene
Topic: Health relevance of viable but non-culturable Legionellae

Domenico SAVIO: TU Wien– Environmental Microbiology
Topic: Elucidating the potential of high-throughput sequencing for microbiological water quality monitoring

Margaret STEVENSON: TU Wien – Hydrology
Topic: Measuring Microbial Transport in Near-Stream Aquifers

Julia DERX: TU Wien – Hydrology
Topic: Hydraulic interaction processes between rivers and groundwater – flow and microbial transport

Sonja SCHAUER: MedUni Vienna – Water Hygiene
Topic: Development of a sensitive, quantitative FISH-based-method to study the ecology of Vibrio cholerae in alkaline lakes in Austria

Gabriela RYZINSKA-PAIER: TU Wien – Environmental Microbiology
Topic: Bacterial faecal indicators for water quality monitoring: standard and alternativ investigation methods

Julia VIERHEILIG: TU Wien – Environmental Microbiology
Topic: Bacteroidetes and other alternative bacterial indicators for faecal pollution: population structure, dynamics and applicability

René MAYER: TU Wien – Environmental Microbiology
Topic: Detection Strategies of Fecal Pollution Along the Urban Waste Water Path

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