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Systematic review just published – have genetic methods revolutionised our field?

A large author team from the ICC Water & Health, together with colleagues from Universitat de Barcelona, the USEPA, Michigan State University and CSIRO has just published a systematic review on the application areas, application advantages and limitations of genetic methods for faecal pollution analysis in water.


Demeter K, Linke R, Ballesté E, Reischer G, Mayer R, Vierheilig J, Kolm C, Stevenson M, Derx J, Kirschner AKT, Sommer R, Shanks O, Blanch AR, Rose J, Ahmed W and Farnleitner AH (2023) Have genetic targets for faecal pollution diagnostics and source tracking revolutionised water quality analysis yet?FEMS Microbiol Rev. 47: 1-36


The article is already available online at FEMS Microbiology Reviews.


Lead by Andreas and Katalin, this paper was a wonderful team effort, involving many of our ICC members, as well as renowned international friends. Congratulations to all for this success!


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