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Lange Nacht der Forschung 2022

Great public interest at the ICC Water & Health booth

Portrait of Claudia Kolm

© KL/Klaus Ranger

The ICC Water & Health, represented by staff members of all working groups at the KL Krems, MedUniWien and TU Wien, inspired the inquisitive audience during the “Lange Nacht der Forschung”. Sophia Steinbacher, Domenico Savio, Carmen Rehm and Melanie Leopold from KL, Regina Sommer, Iris Schachner and Theresa Strohhammer from MedUniWien and Paul Blaschke and Katalin Demeter from TU Wien answered all kinds of questions.


Questions such as "Why is bathing water not drinking water?", "Who pooped into the water?" and "Protection against infection when bathing and drinking – How can models help here?" were answered with great pleasure and commitment by our staff and presented using vivid and touchable models. The models ranged from a self-made DNA model, agar plates overgrown with colonies, oversized plush bacteria and replicated landscape models to digital groundwater models on a computer screen.


Not only with regard to the corona epidemic, it is also important to clear up myths and half-knowledge in the population in the water sector and, above all, to inspire young and old for water research!


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