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Doctoral theses

Doctoral candidates

Johanna Kreuter: TU Wien/IFA-Tulln - Molekulare Diagnostik
Topic: Ionic liquids and their application in molecular diagnostics

Melanie Leopold: KL Krems / TU Wien
Topic: Investigation of human-associated antibiotic resistance in rivers of Lower Austria

Sophia Steinbacher: KL Krems / TU Wien
Topic: Establishing Novel Diagnostic Methods and Statistic Models for Refined Analysis of Faecal Pollution in Water Resources, with focus on the River Danube

Lena Campostrini:MedUni Vienna – Water Microbiology
Topic: Potential of online flow cytometry for monitoring the microbiological water quality in the drinking water supply

Iris Schachner: MedUni Vienna – Water Microbiology
Topic: Understanding fecal pollution sources as propagation pathways of antimicrobial resistance in the Danube River: Establishing a quantitative whole river approach

Carmen Rehm: KL Krems – Water Quality & Health
Topic: An innovative strategy for the quantification and prediction of toxigenic and non-toxigenic Vibrio cholerae in environmental water resources

Hatice Seda Kilic: TU Wien – Hydrology
Topic: Transport and Infection Risks of Waterborne Pathogens in Viennese Surface Water Bodies

Thomas Oudega: TU Wien – Hydrology
Topic: Fate and transport of microorganisms in an alluvial gravel aquifer

Katalin Demeter: TU Wien – Environmental Microbiology
Topic: Exploring the full information content of genetic faecal markers for next generation water safety management

Anna Pölz: TU Wien – Hydrologie
Topic: Data-driven modelling for drinking water management

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