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Vienna University of Technology: Hydrology

Mission Statement: Hydraulic Engineering - Groundwater Management

The working group places special emphasis on research that contributes to improvements concerning the protection and management of groundwater resources. In many parts of the world, groundwater is the principal source of clean drinking water. In Austria, groundwater resources practically supply 100 percent of drinking water.

For a sustained supply, it is absolutely essential to understand the processes of groundwater flows, such as the interaction with surface waters and the behavior of substances contained in groundwater. Accordingly, the working group focuses on the following research subjects:

  • Further development of numerical models for describing the transport of microorganisms and chemical substances
  • Laboratory and field investigations on the derivation of parameters influencing the transport of microorganisms under natural conditionsbeeinflussen
  • Assessing the risk of pollutant entry (focus on microbiological contamination)
  • Hydrological/hydraulic analysis in interdisciplinary projects in the field of water management

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In keeping with the concept of a research-oriented university, the working group sees a further task in the transfer of acquired knowledge within the scope of university teaching and advanced training. Contributions to the compilation of rules as well as counselling activities constitute additional benefits for society.

Vienna University of Technology - Hydraulic engineering

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